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Permanent free

We always are free

Quick & Flexible

Fast and flexible access to a variety of SDK

Easy to Use

Any person can easily get started

Native Package

We can complete packaged locally

About AnySDK

AnySDK is a third party solution that offers game developers SDK integration without making changes to the SDK's features or parameters.

It can do all of this while remaining invisible to your end user.

Our goal is to handle all the tedious SDK integration work for you so that you can use your time to focus on the game itself.

No matter if it’s the channel SDK, user system, payment system, ad system, statistics system, sharing system or any other type of SDK: we’ll take care of it for you.

We don’t develop the SDK;
we integrate the third party SDK for you!

System Introduction

User system API: login, logout, switch account, platform center, display floating button, hide floating button, display exit page, display pause page and other channel related features.

Payment system API: payment, acquire order number.

Statistic system API: start conversation, end conversation, set conversation duration, turn on/off catching exceptions...

Sharing system API: sharing.
Ad system API: display ad, hide ad.

Social system API: submit score, display ranking list, unlock achievements, display achievement list.